Ahi Aguachile menu item Frida's Maui best Mexican dish on Maui

What is Mark Ellman’s favorite dish at Frida’s?

There are so many great items on Frida’s menu and it’s hard to pick out one specific favorite. One dish that Frida’s owner Mark Ellman is proud of, is their Ahi Aguachile.

Yesterday (July 15th), I was invited to photograph this delicious dish for the Hawaii Business magazine.  They are doing a story on Frida’s Mexican Beach House restaurant, specifically on the Ahi Aguachile. 

Ahi Aguachile pouring lime juice at Frida's Maui

Ahi Aguachile pouring lime juice at Frida’s Maui

Frida's on Maui Chef Dylan Montano

Chef Dylan Montano at Frida’s

Chef Dylan Montano made the Ahi Aguachile with absolute perfection! I watched chef Dylan layer the finely cut ahi strips with fresh red peppers, hand picked jalapeños, Maui red onions, cucumbers, cilantro, topped off with a generous amount of avocado sliced to culinary perfection!

Now I’m thinking wow! Ok, this is how I’m going to eat this awesome, mouth watering dish but no…  the basic special ingredient that tops it off,  is freshly

squeezed lime juice! I asked chef Dylan Montano why the lime juice? He explained…

“Because the lime is acidic, it slowly cooks the thinly sliced Ahi.”

I’m in awe of the creativity in the culinary industry these days!  The talent of the chefs who come up with these mouth watering dishes is outstanding.

Mark Ellman Headshot at Frida's Mexican Beach House on Maui

Mark Ellman – Owner Frida’s on Maui

Mark Ellman is pure genius in and out of the kitchen! He knows food. He knows business. The proof is in the success of every restaurant he’s opened, the dishes he creates and the chef’s he hires! Mark Ellman’s generosity and life’s philosophy “Practice Aloha” a combination that makes for a true guru in the culinary life on Maui.

If you haven’t experienced an Ellman restaurant like Frida’s, Mala Ocean Tavern or Honu’s, then I highly recommend you do! It will be one of many  great experience’s on Maui you’ll take home with you and be reminded when you come back and ask yourself… “wheres a good place to eat?”.

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