Frida’s Tequila Facts

Few beverages hold as much mystique as tequila!

The prized Mexican pick-me-up drink bring to mind imaginations of oversized sombreros, mariachi bands, and salt-rimmed margaritas. Tequila is the most misinterpreted liquor, surrounded by years of folk tale and fables.

Blue Agave Plant

Weber Blue Agave Plant (Agave Tequilana)

The weber blue agave, is the origins of how Tequila is made. The core of the plant contains aguamiel (honey water), is the sap of the Mexican maguey plant which is believed to have therapeutic qualities.

All tequila must be produced using blue agave. So in essence, Tequila is Plant-Based. In fact, Tequila is a Mezcal but mezcal is not Tequila! Confused?

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